I read a lot of psychological book and I learned more about people's psychological problems. So when I watch this movie, I focused a lot on the Psychology. of the actor and I was intersted in this book.

  Identity is determined by genetic endowment, shaped by environment, and influenced by chance events. People are influenced by their environment and, in turn, influence their environment. He was born on this ship, never more than fit between prow and stern and the world passed me by. .He spent all his life in a boat. The environment was special, so he had a special character which was different form the other.

  He never walked into the land. At a time, he decided to go to the land, but when walked in the half of the hanging ladder, he not dare to go down, and felt at lost. As he said “There were thousands of them! And how do you do it down there?How do you choose just one? One woman, one house, one piece of land to call your own, one landscape to look at, one way to die…”“All that city you just couldn’t see an end to it.”。

  All his life, just facing the sea and the piano, all the land for him was an uncertainty. He did not know what to do and where to go. He could not face the real world, nothing can instead of his attachment to the ship, even the power of love. He is a person of non-normal psychology 。

  From a view of psychology, infant safety and caressing environment is very important for his healthy growth. We know, when the toddler tried to walk ,only mother within the scope of his vision he dare to move forward, and he knew it was safe. Mother can give us enough sense of security.

  We knew, 1900 was abandoned at birth,was born without love. There are no attachment to the object, only in the boat he felt safe. he never walked into real social and could not play his role in society, he felt at loss.

  From a view of psychology. he faced a self- identity crisis, He could not recognize himself, did not find out who he was and what his strength and weakness was, not knowing, what kind of person he would be in the various world. So he just stood on the ship, repeating a bumpy journey, but dare not go into the community

  How to obtain self-identity., is a major obstacle to for most college students to develop in nowadays. The self-identity is formed in response to a number of options: for example, what kind of career I want, what position I belong to in the society and so on.

  Some students are going through an identity crisis and are endeavoring to find out who they are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. As a college student, we are growing in our understanding of ourselves, others , and the world in which we live. Only in this way , can we grow with a healthy psychology and make contribute to our society.



  Lord Jim is one of the representative works of Conrad, an British novelist and an navigator,occupies an important position in the history of British literature. As a navigator, Conrad have a special preference to sea, and he always draw sea and marine life as his novels' creation background and theme. Lord Jim is one of his influential works. To make book report of this book, there are four essential issue have to be involved, that are:(1) the outline of the book.(2)the singular structure of the book.Analysis the hero's heroism the theme of the book-- to reveal the imperialism's false.

  The outline of the book:The book tells such a story: Lord Jim ,a son from a parsonage, is a mate of Paterna. He went to the court alone and his sailing qualifications was cancelled due to abandoning the ship and overlooking his duty when a shipwreck happened. After that, in the help of Marlow captain, Jim change a lot of work. He finally settled in Patusan, an indigenous settlement whose civilization is isolated, under Marlow captain and his mate Stan's arrangement. In Patusan, Jim win the master's trust. Once, he interceded with a gang of white pirates for the master, and allowed. However, those pirates were treacherous and kill the master's son when they left. Jim was filled with grief and indignation, and he want to ask for the master's forgiveness via killing himself.

  The singular structure is a important feature of Lord Jim. The story is very interesting and his climaxs is not complicated. However, Conrad did not write the story from Jim's birth to his death to follow the prescribed order. To instead of the prescribed order, Conrad divided the forty-five chapter novel into three parts, and respectively adopt different narrative method to narrate each part. The first part, which stop at the forth chapter, was written with the third person narration. From the fifth chapter to the thirty-sixth chapter, that is the second part. In this part, Conrad drew Marlow captain as the narrator to tell some people the story of Jim after meal. And he storrest chapters is the final part of the story, which is followed by Marlow address to a "privileged". The fancy structure made me confused the first time I read it, and I make its climax clear after I read the second time. However, on other than Conrad's singular structure makes the story whose climax is very simple afford for thought.

  When analysis this book ,we can not overlook Jim's heroism, which makes Jim be a inconsistent person and causes Jim's tragedy. "after a course of light holiday literature his vocation for the sea had declared itself" "fhe could see the dig ships departing, the broad-beamed ferries constantly on the move,the little boats floaing far below his feet, with the hazy splendour of the sea in the distance, and the hope of a stirring life in the world of adventure. "From those words from the marine novel, we can easy know Jim's strong heroism. Thought Jim bear heroism in heart, he can not carry it out bravely. That makes him a inconsistent person. When shipwreck happened and needed him to show heroism, he was defeated by his instinctive fear and abandon the ship . However ,on taking on the accident boat, he want to swim back the sinking ship to have a look. What's more, his heroism make contributes to his tragedy. When he was rescued, his heroism prompt him to chose to be honesty, and not like the captain lied about that. Thought in deed, the captain is the biggest responsibility for the shipwreck, Jim went to the court alone to receive the adjudgement and his sailing qualifications was take off. All in all, Jim was too romantic with the fictional world of sailing hero.

  From where I stand, though the book tells Jim's story, I think his aim is to reveal the false of western imperialism. As to this issue, we can analysis the false imperialism via contrast. The captain of Paterna is arrogant and noble, and proud of coming from "these abode of piety and peace ".however, when the shipwreck happened, he flee from a calamity without a flash of hesitation. Contrast to the captain, the two native niggers try their best to carry out their duty as a humble sailor. And though Jim also abandon the ship, he regret immediately when take on the accident boat, and he is honest to receive the court's adjudgement in stead of telling lies. In addition, contrast to the gang of white pirates' treachery, the master of Patusan shows his mercy to the white pirates after Jim's beg. That is a epitome of the relationship between the colonist and aboriginals. The colonist cheat adoriginals' mercy and then kill them cruelly. And Jim's self-abuse and suicide also reflect the imperialism's false.

  Lord Jim is regarded as a monument on the history of British novel.the highly status is oweing to the fancy structure and narrations. Conrad expose the theme with the trifling story of Jim'. he can follow the story whose climax is very simple in a interesting way with a singular structure. It is no wonder that Lord Jim become a monument of British novel.



  A Tale of Two Cities occupies a central place in the canon of Charles Dickens's works. This novel of the French Revolution was originally serialized in the author's own periodical All the Year Round. Weekly publication of chapters 1-3 of Book 1 began on April 30, 1859. In an innovative move, Dickens simultaneously released installments of the novel on a monthly basis, beginning with all of Book 1 in June and concluding with the last eight chapters of Book 3 in December. Dickens took advantage of the novel's serial publication to experiment with characterization, plot, and theme. He described the work in a letter to his friend John Forster, cited in Rudi Glancy's A Tale of Two Cities: Dickens's Revolutionary Novel, as "a picturesque story rising in every chapter, with characters true to nature, but whom the story should express more than they should express themselves by dialogue." The novel that emerged from his experimentation is (www.lz13.cn)now regarded as one of Dickens's most popular and most innovative works.

  Dickens's work was very popular with the reading public when it was first published. One review in the magazine Athenaeum stated that A Tale of Two Cities had attracted the praise of a hundred thousand readers. On the other hand, a whole set of critics, most notably Sir James Fitzjames Stephen writing in Saturday Review, criticized the novel precisely for its popularity. "Most of the critics writing in the intellectual and literary journals of the day considered popular success a good reason to condemn a work," explains Glancy. "If the public liked it, they certainly could not be seen to approve of it at all." Modern critical opinion, however, has given the novel an important place among Dickens's most mature works of fiction.