Steve Jobs is the former chief executive officer and cofounder of Apple. Also, people consider him as one of the most brilliant and successful entrepreneur in the past decades. Apple achieves a series success under his wise leading, which makes people curious about knowing his secret and everything. Apple and their products including Iphone and Ipad have changed peoples’ attitude toward electronic devices. Moreover, they change the way of our routine life, more and more people are regarding Apple products as one part of their life. Apple achieves a series success under his leading, which arise people’s curiosity to his everything. What drive them different and change the world. One of the significant elements is Innovation and creation. Employers in apple are indeed the people who think differently with others so that their products are revolutionary and perfect in current time. Steve Jobs shows us seven principles of innovation in his book The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. In this essay, I will explain and take some examples for each of them.

Principle 1: Do what you love
Jobs said “do what you love” He means one should have courage to follow your heart. Everyone had a dream when he was young, but for many reasons, they gave it up. It is indeed hard for one to preserve his dream. When you spend so much energy and time on one thing, there are such rough moments in time and most people give up. Innovation starts from the interest and passion, without passion and enthusiasm nothing can drive you keeping innovation ideas to something. Take Jobs and Wozniak as an example, it is their passion and interest to electronic equipment that drive these two Steve (both their given name is Steve) together and start this legend.

There is something that we should learn from this principle. Firstly, It is barely possible for anyone who succeed without doing things you love, so find your love before you start anything. Secondly, one must trust his passion and never fear of facing the failure.

Principle 2: Put a dent in the universe
Every innovation at Apple starts with a big, bold vision and a heavy dose of inspiration. And Steve Jobs is quite well-known for his “reality distortion field”, a phenomenon attributed to Jobs where the leader convinces his team that nothing is impossible. One of his motivating sentences was “let’s make a dent in the universe”. People always underestimate the power of a vision or just a idea, actually sometimes, it is some bold vision or a innovation idea that move the world forward, for example, Jobs ,himself, didn’t invent personal computer, nor did he invent the MP3 player, he innovated around those with the introduction of Mac and iPod. He didn’t invent the tablet computer or smartphone, he put all his time into the iPhone and the iPad, without a bold vision, Jobs and his teams will get nothing but an empty dream. Every innovation at Apple starts with a big, bold vision and a big bunch of inspiration.

What passion to a successful people is what fuel to a car, but vision provides the map of your road. When we want to make a vision and run after it, it is better to make sure that the vision has some common characters such as specific, concise and consistent.

Principle 3: Kick-Start your brain
We can not deny that daily routine is the golden mind source of many brilliant people, especially inventors. Jobs said “Creativity is just connecting things”. Which means that is not a difficult thing for anyone. Actually it is not a big deal but just “connecting the dots in your life” Jobs also said it in the commencement of Stanford. Yet it is a pity that few people can think things differently and connect them in a new way. Significant one of Apple’s ideas is that they use analogies or metaphors to think about a problem, specifically, by finding the similarities between two things that are unlike. Take the Macintosh as an example, Part of what made it great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, artists and zoologists It is a work of art rather than an electronic product. How accurate it is! People who are filled with innovation ideas always can extend their thoughts to some other fields and get into a new high level by activating each other.

Another interesting but real example we can found is in the year 2009, the Obama government made a action that shocked the people a little bit. They recruited lots of famous fiction novelists to work with the FBI in order to anticipate the Bin Laten’s shelter and recent plan. But it did work a little bit and even a new anti-terrorism strategy.

Catching the inspirations from experiments and other fields sometime is a good way to find new connection. But mostly find the connection between unfamiliar things and keep passion to ask, more importantly, never fear the changes is indeed the point of hunting success.

Principle 4: Sell Dreams, Not products
Frankly speaking, Apple products like Mac and iPhone etc. indeed are the symbol of fashion, but Apple never declare that he is the leader of fashion.their The main reason of that is their attitude toward products and customers. They try to provide the best products to their customers who also have a making world changed dream so that they don’t just sell for current profits but for making their dream real. It is well known that Jobs do a market research or investigate before build a new product, differently from others, but he still build great products without focus groups. However, it’s not to say that Apple does not listen to its customers. Actually it seems none can know their customers better than them. As jobs said, “we, too, are going to think differently and serve the people who have been buying our products since the beginning”. Apple and Jobs indeed always create things that are not their customers want right now, but what they want in future. Take iPad as an example, it used to be considered as an unworthy product, because people don’t need it, while jobs think people will need a device which makes browse web and check email easier, it is also supposed to provide a new experience for entertainment which is between laptop and phones. That is the original model of iPad. Without a brave but smart thought like that, iPad won’t be one of the most popular equipment now. It is hard to say whether Apple’s strategies are available for every enterprise, however, they use their own way to catch their customers closely to their products, which is definitely a special but effective method.

There are thousands of electronic corporations in China, but none of them has any style like Apple, they just follow the so called customer’s current need and make a little profit by producing in a fast way. So, lots of companies have to survive only on changing with the market and following foreign fashion. People buy their products just for the low price. In my opinion, they should pay more attention on customers’ dream rather than their requirements and stop copying from others, no one would like to use the toilet papper which has already used even though you offer them in a low price. Instead they should make some products on behalf of the spirit or inspiration of their company.

Principle 5: Say no to 1000 things
The motto for Jobs as well as Apple, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, is widely showed in Apple’s products. Take Jobs’s famous two-by-two printed tables as an example. The simple chart make everything clearly to design a great product, it make your goals crystal. As Jonathan Ive, Apple design leader, said “The way we approach design is by trying to achieve the most with very least.” In the book ‘Steve Jobs’ we know that, Steve is different in conference and meeting. Jobs never believe in ‘Market research’, all he wants to do is that provide a prefect tools for the people who want to change the world. As a consequence of that, Apple just produce the most friendly and easy-used electronic for people.

Sometimes, rejection is also a rebirth which will buy yourself a new chance.
Principle 6: Create insanely great experiences
Companies focus on Service and experiences a lot. consumer’s choice also mainly depends on their experience. So what Steve and Apple do to his consumers? “People don’t want to just buy personal computer any more. They want to know what they can do with them, and we’re going to show people exactly that.” Jobs said. So, Apple’s consumers have been given surprising but reasonable experiences ever since the beginning. Although many consultant strongly doubt that they have aimed at unworthy target , Jobs still carry on with his own idea, he create a special retailer-Apple Store where people could get a surprising new experience. Jobs insist the decoration in every store must gorgeous, simple, and filled with sense of technology so that he use some expensive marble and other materials to decorate the store. And it turnout that Jobs was right again, after so many suspicions.

Different experience makes you no only feel different, but also think different, behave different and decide different. But we have to keep it in a right and controllable way.

Principle 7: Master the message
Ideas are not really just a pool of dead water if they are confined only to a person’s mind. Communication skills is necessary and effective for a innovator, there are 4 steps to communicating value. First of all tell some classical stories. Then, keep everyone aligned. Next, make the proper atmosphere. Finally, encourage presentation skills development. Steve Jobs is widely considered as a brilliant storyteller. He declare that a good presentation sometimes is even more important than the product itself. Think about iPad , “Our most advanced technology in the magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” That what Jobs said on his own to us in a magic method. As a consumer said that it seems Jobs presentation has magic so that people can not deny it. With Jobs special ability to persuade others, many business plans have been proceeded successfully as if there were a potential guarantee.

To sum up, Steve Jobs’ secret on innovation and creation is showed step by step in the 7 principles. I think we should think and digest it differently in our own way. It can not be denied that Jobs’ story do work on Jobs, but maybe not on you. Maybe some rules work on you but not all of them, then, you still can not become Jobs. So, create our own principles is the right way to seek for a better future on not only career but also the whole life.