1、It is difficult to the point ofimpossibility for the average reader under theage of forty to imagine a time when high- quality arts criticism could be found in most big-citynewspapers.
对于平均年龄40岁以下的读者而言, 他们很难想象在大多数大城市的主流报纸上可以读到高质量的艺术评论的那一年代。

  2、To read such books today is tomarvel at the fact that their learned contents were once deemed suitable for publication in general- circulation dailies.

  3、In those far-off days, it was taken for granted that the critics of major papers wouldwrite in detail and at length about the events they covered.

  4、Curbs on business-method claimswould be a dramaticabout-face,because it was the Federal Circuit itself that introduced such patents with its1998 decision in the so- called State Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of poolingmutual-fund assets.

  5、The Federal Circuit issued an unusual order stating that the case would be heard byall 12 of the court’s judges, rather than a typical panel of three, and thatone issue it wants to evaluate iswhether it should “reconsider” its State Street Bank ruling.
联邦巡回法院发布了一项不寻常的法令,即这个案件将由法院全部的12名法官共同听审, 而不是典型的三人听审团。法令还宣布法院希望评估是否要“重新考虑”州街银行案的裁决。

  6、In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell argues that “social epidemics” are driven in large part by the actions of a tinyminority of special individuals, often called influentials, who are unusually-informed, persuasive, or well connected.
Malcolm Gladwell在他的《引爆点》一书中指出,“社会流行潮”主要是由一少部分特殊个体的行为引领的,这些人通常被称为有影响力的人,他们博闻强识, 有说服力,并且有很好的人脉。

  7、For a social epidemic to occur,however, each person so affected must then influence his or her ownacquaintances, who must in turn influence theirs,and so on; and just how many others pay attention to each of these people haslittle to do with the initial influential.
但是对于社会流行潮的形成来说,每一个受影响的人必须接着去影响他们的熟人,这些人还要继续影响他们的熟人,如此循环下去; 然而处于中间层级的人能得到被影响者的多少关注往往与最初的有影响力的人没多大关系。

  8、The details may be unknowable, butthe independence of standard-setters, essential to the proper functioning of capital markets, is being compromised.

  9、And dead markets partly reflect the paralysis of bankswhich will not sell assets for fear of booking losses, yet are reluctant to buyall those supposed bargains.
而且, 不流动的市场(交易量萎靡)一定程度上反映了银行系统的瘫痪。银行因为害怕(报告)其账面损失而不愿出售(有毒)资产, 同时也不愿收购那些(别人持有的)所谓的廉价资产。

  10、The decision of the New YorkPhilharmonic to hire Alan Gilbert asits next musicdirector has been the talk of the classical-music world ever sincethe sudden announcementof his appointment in 2009.
纽约爱乐乐团决定聘请Alan Gilbert 作为其下一任指挥,这一决定自2009年突然宣布以来就一直是古典音乐界热议的话题。

  11、For the time, attention, and moneyof the art- loving public, classical instrumentalists must compete not only with opera houses, dance troupes, theater companies, and museums, butalso with the recorded performances ofthe great classical musicians of the 20th century.

  12、Rather than cloaking his exit inthe usual vague excuses, he came rightout and said he was leaving “to pursue my goal of runninga company.”

  13、Says Korn /Ferry senior partnerDennis Carey: “I can’t think of a single search I’ve done where a board has notinstructed me to look at sitting CEOs first.”
Dennis Carey 的高级合伙人Korn Ferry 说:“在我所做的每一次招聘当中,董事会都要求我从那些在任的CEO 中去寻找。

  14、The way consumers now approach theprocess of making purchase decisions means that marketings impact stems from a broad range of factorsbeyondconventionalpaid media.
如今消费者做出购买决定的过程表明:市场营销的影响(效果) 源自于除了传统付费媒体之外的很多因素。

  15、The same dramatic technological changes that haveprovided marketers with more (and more diverse) communications choices havealso increased the risk that passionate consumers will voice their opinions in quicker, more visible, and much more damaging ways.

  16、It’s no surprise that JenniferSenior’s insightful,provocative magazine coverstory, “I Love My Children, I Hate My Life”, is arousing much chatter—nothing gets people talking like the suggestion thatchild rearing is anything less than a completely fulfilling, life-enrichingexperience.
Jennifer Senior 在一片具有煽动意味的杂志封面故事中表达了她的深刻见解, 《我爱我的孩子们,我讨厌我的生活》引发了人们的热烈讨论,这并不奇怪——养儿育女不完全是自我实现的过程。

  17、But it’s interesting to wonder ifthe images we see every week of stress-free, happiness-enhancing parenthoodaren’t in some small, subconscious waycontributing to our own dissatisfactions with the actual experience, in the sameway that a small part of us hoped getting “the Rachel” might make us look justa little bit like Jennifer Aniston.
但是, 这确实有趣:想想我们每周都能在杂志上看到的无忧无虑、幸福的父母形象是否以某种细微的、不为人所感知的方式加剧了我们自己对现实生活的不满? 这就好比我们中有一少部分人希望能够成为(《老友记》中的)Rachel, (这样)使自己看起来有一点像Jennifer Aniston 吧。

  18、But in her new book Join the Club, Tina Rosenberg contends that peer pressure can also be apositive force through what she calls the social cure, in which organizationsand officials use the power of group dynamics to help individuals improve theirlives and possibly the world.
但是Tina Rosenberg 在她的新书《加入俱乐部》中主张,通过她所谓的社会治疗, 同侪压力也可以成为一种积极的力量。在社会治疗中一些组织和官方(机构)利用团体动态力量来帮助个人提升他们的生活, 甚至改善整个世界。

  19、“Dare to be different, please dontsmoke!” pleadsone billboard campaign aimed at reducing smokingamong teenagers- teenagers, who desire nothing more than fitting in.

  20、Instead, the company has done precisely what it had long promised it would notchallenge the constitutionality of Vermont’s rules in the federal court, as part of a desperate effort to keep its Vermont Yankeenuclear power plant running.
然而,就是这家公司,一直以来都承诺:不会在联邦法院质疑佛蒙特州的规则的符宪性。现在的做法(质疑佛蒙特州规则的符宪性)是为了使其佛蒙特Yankee 核电站能够继续经营做出的孤注一掷的行为。

  21、The legal issues in the case areobscure: whereas the Supreme Court has ruled that states do have someregulatory authorityover nuclearpower, legal scholars say that Vermont case will offer a precedent-setting testof how far those powers extend. (www.lz13.cn)

  22、In the idealized version of how science is done, factsabout the world are waiting to be observed and collected by objective researchers who use thescientific method to carry out their work.
在科学是如何展开的理想化版本中, 关于世界的真相有待于客观的研究者使用科学的方法去观察和收集。

  23、As a discovery claim works its waythrough the community, the interaction and confrontation between shared andcompeting beliefs about the science and the technology involved transforms an individual’s discovery claim into the community’s credible discovery.

  24、Politicians have repeatedly“backloaded” public-sector pay deals, keeping the pay increases modest but adding to holidays and especiallypensions that are already generous.
政治家们不断变相提高公共部门员工的收入, 使工资增幅看起来不大, 但却增加了节假日和本来就已经不菲的养老金。